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Top tips ... Get your boiler serviced during the summer months

Updated: May 4, 2019

A common question we get asked at DPJ Plumbing, Heating and Gas is; "Should I get my boiler serviced during the summer?" When summer does eventually arrive your boiler and

heating system is usually the last thing on your mind. Summer is actually the best time to get your boiler serviced and ready for winter, so before you throw the shorts, t-shirt and flip flops take a look at our reasons why you should get your boiler serviced during the summer.

Winter is coming....

Servicing your boiler can pick up on any underlying issues you may have. This means you'll be more likely to pick up any problems before winter when you need your boiler the most. This save money, time and disruption to you and your family.

Winter is actually the busiest time for Gas Engineers

The summer months are the quietest times for gas engineers as most people have stopped using their heating systems. This makes it the perfect time to get your boiler serviced as your gas engineer will be more flexible with time so you can book a boiler service to suit you.

Boilers require regular maintenance

Just like a car, boilers require regular maintenance. Skipping/ignoring this will harm your boiler. Give it a few years and you could have a boiler breakdown on your hands, save yourself money and time by getting an annual service.

Leaving your heating turned off over the summer months can cause, pipes/radiators to corrode, leaving a build up of sludge* in the heating system. While your heating system is off, moving components (pump, zone valves, diverter valves, fans, etc) are more susceptible to seizing up.

During the winter months your boiler will have seen heavy usage, this can affect the boiler so that it runs less efficient, which will cost more £££ to run.

Most boiler manufacturers require boilers to be serviced annually. This is usually a basic requirement to keep a manufacturers warranty. It also picks up if the boiler isn't burning correctly which would produce potentially life threatening Carbon Monoxide.

If you would like to get your boiler serviced by DPJ Plumbing, Heating and Gas, our cost for a boiler service is £60 we're based in Rugeley but serve the surrounding area's; Lichfield, Cannock, Stafford, Uttoxeter, Penkridge, Brocton, Armitage and more. Contact us on 01889597377, 07971693134 or visit our contact page

*Sludge: A mix of dirt and rust. This builds up over time and gathers at the bottom of your radiators.

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