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Heating System Protection

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Why does my boiler and heating system need protecting?

Your boiler (new or old) needs protecting from corrosion within the heating system. Radiators are usually made from steel, if untreated water is used within the heating system this water can react with the steel. The reaction can cause the radiators to corrode from within, the by-product of this is sludge. If the water is left untreated the sludge will build up and block radiators, pipework, pump and the heat exchangers within the boiler. There are many ways to help protect your boiler and heating system; chemicals, filters and system flushes. The MagnaCleanse and MagnaClean use all 3 to help combat corrosion and the build up of sludge.

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MagnaClean Filter

The MagnaClean filter is most effective when connected to the heating return pipe just before the boiler. This will give maximum protection to the boiler. The filter is designed to be passive protection, the magnet inside the filter will "grab" sludge particles as they pass. It is recommended that the MagnaClean is serviced once a year. When we do a Boiler Service we include this as a standard check. These filters are an effective way of protecting the boiler/heating system but before adding a MagnaClean filter to the heating system it is highly recommended it is fully flushed of sludge and debris first. This is where the MagnaCleanse comes in. 


The MagnaCleanse is basically a beefed up version of a MagnaClean filter. The MagnaCleanse boasts dual magnets which pick up a lot more sludge and debris. The MagnaCleanse is used in conjunction with cleaning chemicals and VibraClean to effectively dislodge even the most hardened sludge deposits. This type of flush utilises the heat and pump from the boiler/heating system to do the work.

Our video of the MagnaCleanse in action

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