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A Combi Boiler Explained

What is a “Combi” Boiler?

The word combi is a shortened version of combination. That is exactly what a combi boiler is, it is able to produce heating and hot water from within the boiler itself. A combi boiler does not need additional tanks and cylinders to work effectively, unlike the old heat only boilers or the more modern system boilers. Therefore making the combi only more advantageous.

New Baxi 424 combi boiler recently installed. Including a magnetic filter.
Baxi 424 Combi boiler recently installed by DPJ Plumbing, Heating and Gas

What are the advantages of a combi boiler?

The main advantage of a combi boiler is the space that can be saved compared to a heat only/system boiler. Because the hot water is on demand this means you only heat the water you’re using making your hot water usage as efficient as possible.

Combi boilers are relatively small in size with most manufacturers producing boilers that will fit within a kitchen cupboard. It also means it can be installed almost anywhere in the home; kitchen, utility, loft, airing cupboard, etc.

An added benefit of a combi is that the hot water runs off the cold mains which means your showers can be more powerful.

Overall a combi boiler is cheaper to install.

Modern combi boilers are over 90% efficient, this means your fuel bills will be more cost effective.

What are the disadvantages of a combi boiler?

Although mains pressure is usually a advantage it is always best to check that the incoming mains pressure is up to the job. If this is too low then there could be issues when more than one tap is open.

Most combi boilers struggle to produce enough hot water if more than 1 or 2 outlets are running simultaneously. This depends on the mains pressure and flow rate coupled with the hot water flow rate a combi boiler can produce, it is therefore always recommended to speak to a heating engineer to see if a combi boiler is suitable for your home.

If your combi boiler breaks down this means that (depending on the fault) you could be without hot water and heating.

Ready to have a Combi Boiler?

If you’re looking to install/replace a combi or even plan to have your system changed from stored hot water then contact us today to find out more information. We can come to you and have a in depth survey to see what boiler system would suit your needs. Contact us on 01889597377, 07971693134 or visit our contact page

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